Received Invite ICT Business Analyst - Jan 2020 draw - 90 points

I am happy to say I finally got my invite today after 6 months of waiting.

Occupation: ICT Business Analyst

Points Score: 90

DOE: 19/07/2019

DHA have invite a lot of people this January with 90 points. If they keep this up and the backlog of 90hes clear there is hope for 85 pointers. So don’t give up, have patience and good luck.


Thanks @Zeon for sharing. I appreciate it.

Hey Zeon,

Is it under 189 or 190?

It should be 189 visa as today the draw was ran for 189.

Thanks for sharing @zeon. Can you confirm if this is 189 or 190. If 190 what region?

All the best for a grant soon.

I have received invite for 189.

Thanks. Feels good to hear some positive news. Im at 75 for 189 presently though will soon reach 85.


im at 80 for 189 | 85 for 190 NSW. Computer Network and Systems Engineer - ANZSCO 263111

waiting for my turn

Congratulations @Zeon and thank you for sharing, wish you all the best !