Received my ACS result, query on Education Qualification filing for EOI

Hi Team.

I have recently completed ACS Assessment and I received a positive result for the same.

" Your Bachelor of Science ___ from ____University completed November 2011 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing " .

My issue is that my BSc degree is a top-up degree meaning it was a two year degree from 2009-2011. But how can I update the start date in EOI, because according to the ACS result my degree is comparable to a three year degree AQF level 7 of Australia.
What is the start date I should give in EOI? Can I update the start date as 2008 ( 3 years) or should I select some date from 2009 (2 years) . I am really confused and bit worried about what impact it can cause to my EOI and further. Please advise if it should be three years or two years and do this impact the Visa application because for ACS portal I selected three years. Thanks

You should only enter the dates and degrees that ACS has marked relevant.

If you enter any other dates/degrees, you may not be able to claim points for those.

Hi Anil,

I have followed the dates as per certificate. For End date I am good, but the issue is with the start date of the degree, which I am confused. Whether to keep 2 years back before the end date or 3 years back to the end dateā€¦Is there any issues as such if the start date is not accurate, does it affect the visa after EOI? Do you know. Thanks