Received new passport in Tatkal , But case status still under review

Hello , I applied for passport renewal last month in tatkal and already received the new passport. police verification at my indian home address happened after I received my passport. There were no issues during police verification. But the case status at still shows as “Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate” since one month.

I have India travel trip coming up in 2 weeks. Am I ok to travel or will there be in any issues ? I tried contacting VFS and also emailing consulate multiple times , But no response from them.


Why would there be any issue when you have already received the new passport. It has to be some system issue or the status not updated manually. Probably they will update as soon as the police verification confirmation is submitted but irrespective of the status update, you should be good to travel with the new passport.

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I have applied for passport renewal on November 17th at Chicago consulate in normal processing.

On November 25th, I received email for Police Verification initiated. However I haven’t change address in my new passport and it is same as old passport and also all other details were the same, basically no changes requested in the new passport, however still I got the PV. I have given phone number of my friend who lives nearby the my address and my parents number who are in different city.

On November 30th, I received my passport and last status on Passport Seva site is : “Passport has been handed over by the Embassy/Consulate to the OSP executive for further dispatch to the applicant.”.

Till date status is same on Passport Seva site, however my friend or my parents never got a call from Police regarding PV. Also no one lives at my address. How should I know that my PV is done or not? Should I call the police station to inquire about PV or will it open up another pandora box? Is it possible that if PV is pending then when I go back to India visit and at the time of leaving from there they can stop based on any flag or missing verification?


Thanks for the response

You need to contact the police station you mentioned in your application.

This is clearly mentioned in the police verification email we get
“You are requested to get in touch with the respective Police Office if verification is not done in three weeks.”

Update about my case. I was able to travel to India and come back to USA without any issues. Case status at still shows as “Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate”

Hi Mahi,was there any update on your status ?

If so after how long it changed and to what if u remember?

I stopped checking the status since I was able to travel to India and return to USA without any issues with the new passport. status was still ‘In Review’ when I went to India. But I did not faced any issues while going or coming back.

Tried checking my application status now. But it is saying invalid application number.