Received NOID after H1B is approved and stamped. What will be the consequences of this?

I got my H1B visa stamped few months back and I will be travelling to US next month. My employer called me to inform that I should cancel my plans as my application received a NOID (Notice Of Intent for Denial) as multiple registrations were applied on my name. I was not aware of this and I am afraid it would leave a permanent remark on my records.

My employer is working with an attorney to provide supporting documentation on this to USICS but there are higher chances of it getting denied.

Please let me know what should I do? Thank you.

If the same employer filed multiple registrations on your behalf, it doesn’t impact the applicant as such. The employer though may face criminal charges.

You dont have any action items on your end. Your employer may appeal against the NOID and try to prove that the registrations were legitimate .

But my visa could get rejected right? if yes then I should mention about this in my future applications too and it would impact negatively on my record?

If you apply for visa stamp with US embassy and it gets rejected, then, yes, it will stay with you forever.

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