Received NSW invite(190 visa) with 80 points but PTE score for spouse has expired

Hi There,

I have applied EOI(190 visa NSW) on 15th October 2023 and claimed 80 points.

A small breakdown of points :
Age : 30
English Language Ability : 20
Education : 15
State Nomination : 5
Overseas Experience(Out of Australia) : 5
Partner Qualifications : 5

The 3 year validity of PTE score for my wife expired on 23rd November 2023(actual test date was 23rd November 2020), but still I got the invite(190 visa) on 5th Jan 2024 with 80 points. Now, what should I do?

I have received the notification from NSW that any changes to EOI after the invite will automatically cancel the application.
My wife again re-appeared for PTE exam on 12th Jan 2024, one week after the invite was received and she successfully secured proficient english eligibility which gives 5 points.

Here are some questions :

Q1 : So, while submitting documents for nomination, should I submit old PTE score card and wait for their rejection or should I upload the new score card and wait for their clarifications about the discrepancies?

Q2 : Can I submit both the old and new PTE score card?

Q3 : What are the chances if this case will rejected or accepted? What should I do from here onwards?

I suggest to get a new PTE score and upload it.
Don’t take chances.

I was given this link in the (pre-invite)/(email to submit nsw nomination).

It clearly states that changes in EOI may result in cancellation of nomination. And no exceptions are allowed as shown after each category in the above given link.

Can I drop an email to the relevant skilled migration department for NSW to check for this EOI change? Are there any relevant stories/experiences where NSW has accepted such exceptions.

Also, should I not apply in this invite and open a new EOI and wait further for another round of invitation based on the below info?