Red color option: I want to make change in the specified passport renewal address

Hi Anil,

While filling out my passport renewal form on gov’s website, I am stuck on step 4 (which is Application Address Details); I entered the new Indian address to be printed on my passport followed by US address for the other address section (which is at the bottom of the page).

When I select next option, I am getting this caution notification (please see attached picture). What option should I choose, the one in Red or Green. I am applying for change in address (but new address is still an Indian address).

FYI; If I choose the option in Red then it’s not taking me to next step.

Please note:

Red color option on left hand side says: I want to make change in the specified passport renewal address.

Green color option on right hand side says: : No change in Address/ I have valid address proof

I am confused, please help me here.

Thank you so much for your help…

Hi @Sonia

You should choose the red option as you are opting to change your Indian address.

You will also need to provide address proof for new Indian address as well.

Thank you for getting back to me. This is what CKGS agent replied;

Please be informed that you are required to select the Green tab, in order

to proceed further as you are not making changes on the NRI application form.

Do you think the green tab is still a right option?

Well, since you are changing your printable address, my opinion is to choose red option.

That’s what the CKGS message clearly tells on the screen although it is a bit misleading.

I am not sure if the CKGS support really understood your case.

Even I thought the same thing.

After selecting option in red, I am stuck in same page it’s not letting me go the next step/ I am not able to continue.

What do you advice.

Can you share the screen shot of the page without this red and green dialog box?

I want to understand what options you have chosen at the start of your application. You should have selected the ‘change of address’ at one of the steps in this application.

Sure. Between I am on step 4 on NRI application/gov form ( which is applicant address details).

Also on CKGS form I did put the change of address and addition of spouse name. You should see under Miscellaneous services on 2nd picture.

I think you should select the red option.

If that’s not letting you do anything, then choose green. It should be fine as long as you send the Indian address proof.

Thank you Anil. I will go ahead with green since I don’t have any other option left.

I have one more question if you don’t mind, the document list says I have to attach the online passport application form, are they talking about gov NRI form? If yes then; how can I download that?

Thank you so much for your help!!

Hi @Sonia

You will get the option to download all documents at the end of the application.

Yes, they mean the NRI online application form.

Thank you. I have filed the paperwork and now PP is under processing.

@Sonia hey which option did u choose finally ? I’m facing the same issue as yours, can’t go past step 4 while choosing red button.