Refile EB2 i485 or Interfile After EB2 to EB3 Downgrade?

Originally published at: Refile EB2 i485 or Interfile After EB2 to EB3 Downgrade? - USA

USCIS visa bulletin is swinging fast in favor of the EB2 India queue in the current fiscal year while it gave all the opportunities to EB3 last year. This is expected since US immigration law has employment-based queues similar to car lanes on the road. You see the next lane moving faster and your wife…

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I recently filed i-485 by downgrade to EB3 with concurrent i-140. As my priority date falls into EB2 filing date now, and my i140 in EB3 is still pending, can we interfile to consider EB2?

You can interfile but my opinion is to wait until it gets current in EB2 Final Action and that too if you are confident that it won’t retrogress.

Thank you, Anil. Am22tech is my first option to know about any immigration policy changes. Really appreciate your effort for running such a great platform with all latest immigration information and it clarifies so many questions. It’s a great platform that saves $ s for all future immigrant families.
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Hi Anil,

I am having PD 2013 March
EB2 → EB3 filled on Aug 2021
EB2 -EB3 i140 downgraded on Oct1 2021
Now filling EB2 i485.

I have a futuristic question , what will happen when I will have EB2 EAD and EB3 EAD ? Which one will be valid for work ?
Will using one EAD nullifies the other i485 application ? Same question for which AP, which one to use when travelling outside USA and reentering ? Will appreciate if you throw some light on this scenario.

Thanks Anil for the great Article. I filed EB2->EB3 downgrade 485 in Oct 2020. Later, the FAD was current and my sons age got locked. Now, I am planning to file new second EB2 485. If I file EB2 485 when the FAD is current in EB2, will it make sure my sons age is locked in EB2 queue as well ? I am trying to make sure that the already locked age is not affected due to the new 485.

The age already locked should not be affected by a new i485 as long as the child is eligible for age under the EB2 as well.