Refiling perm after it was audited and then denied

Hi Anil,
My perm was denied on March 3, 2019 because no one responded to the questionnaire sent by DOL. My company restarted the entire process of prevailing wage determination and recruitment. They completed the entire process and filed again on July 16, 2019. Now since, it is the same calendar year and same company, does that mean that my application will go to audit or it has higher probability of being audited??
Also, I am still waiting for my perm approval, it has been 78 days. When can I expect a positive response from DOL or is it that it is going to be audited because of the above reasons?? And if, it gets audited, what options do I have??Should I change employer and start over again, I have 2 years left as of now.

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Hi @permGC19

Do you know the reason as to why your employer did not respond to the Audit?

There is a chance that your case is selected for audit again. Unless, there is something wrong with your job or employer, the audit should be passed easily with no issues.

No updates?just wondering

No Anil, my perm was not audited. My perm was denied directly because my attorney left the day my perm was filed, and no one answered the questionnaire from DOL.

Now they restarted my perm process again in early this year. My perm was filed again on July 16, 2019. It has been 80 days and I have not heard back from DOL.

My worry is, will they audit it this time because my perm was denied early this year, and it is being refiled for same alien by same employer within same calendar year(check tier 7).

Hi @permGC19

Nobody can say if your PERM will be selected for audit or not. Only DOL can say it.

I do not think there is any reason to be worried.

Hi @permGC19 ,
My situation is same now. Company is refiling PERM within same calendar year. Did your refiled PERM get approved?