Regarding Air India Ticket - Missed middle name while booking ticket


My question is related to AirIndia ticket booking. I have booked ticket with AirIndia for this May 2023 for my family and while booking ticket I missed the middle name i.e. I have used FirstName only and not added complete Given Name as per the passport. And today I called AirIndia customer call center and they asked me to cancel the tickets and re-book otherwise AirIndia staff will not allow to board because My FirstName on ticket does not match with Given Name.

Given Name : ABC XYZ
Surname : DDD

Air India Ticket
First/Given Name: ABC
Surname : DDD

Does any one have gone through this type of situation with AirIndia? do I really need to cancel the tickets and re-book? it is too costly now because only 3 weeks are left. Or should I keep the ticket and try to use it? Any suggestion will be very helpful.

Thank you.

If the names do not match, they may not allow you to board the plane. Your only bet is to somehow get them to change them; else, cancel and rebook.

Hey James_Bond, (Hari Pat),

I want to know what happend after. Did they let you board with the same ticket as is? I have the same problem.

Thank you in advance