Regarding H4 EAD concurrent filing with H1b Amendment

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I am on H1b and My I140 just got approved and i am planning to file H4 EAD for my wife. and i am also planning to file H1B Amendment for my same company for different work location, Here are my questions , Please guide me in this if anyone knows about this →

1 . Can i file my H1B Amendment + H4 EAD (First time ) concurrently in premium processing…?
2 . if Yes, Will we get H4 EAD decision also in 15 days.?
3. Does it affect H4 EAD if my i140 approved in Job Location A and i am moving to job location B in same company.?

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You can file H1B amendment, H4 and EAD all together.

Premium is only available for H1B at this time and they usually extend the courtesy of approving all 3 within premium timeline. There is no guarantee though.

USCIS to process H1B, H4, EAD together starting Jan 25, 2023. RN Law group reached court settlement. Get all 3 approved in 15 days using premium. USCIS to Process H1B, H4 (and EAD) together Starting Jan 25 - AM22Tech

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Thank you very much for response. @anil_am22