Regarding Job change while my priority date is about to be current

My EB2 PD is December 10, 2014. I have my I140 approved with my current employer, and I just got a better offer, is that recommended to join new employer now?

  1. Are there chances for EB2 retrogression in coming months?

  2. Given new perm process may take another 18 plus months, will my date be current by that time also? I am skeptical to lose this option to get GC.

  3. Do i need to file i485 within 1 year of it becoming current?

There is a possibility that EB2 India FA will retrogress in Oct 2022.

You need to file i485 within 1 years of date getting current unless the date retrogression happens.

Yes if USCIS will waste large numbers of GCs.

Nobody will be able to guess but I would highly recommend against changing employer at this point even if that means losing on better job offer. I am sure GC is on a higher priority for you.

Not necessarily if you can prove the circumstances were beyond your control.

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Just curious, next fiscal year, they may have some more spill over from Family to employment due to this pandemic effect and consulates are not open etc.

Does that mean, we will have spill overs and changes for retrogression is less or not possible?

Also when does the actual spill over occurs? Start of fiscal year or later in the year?

From what i heard, previous year spill over will be inlcuded start or following year numbers.