Regarding tax documents and form 16

I am planning to file Australian PR. Before that, I have a query. Please clarify and I can make a decision to file or not.

  1. I have total 7 + years of experience in IT field. In that, 2 years of experience, I was paid by cash. so, I don’t have bank statement , form 16 or any other related tax docs. But, I have pay slips and salary certificate. is it enough for those 2 years or mandatory to have form 16?

Please reply me if any one faced the same issues recently after filing, how did you solve this? what are the other supporting docs have you given? your visa granted ?

Thanks in advance.

Have you already received an invite to file for PR Visa?

No… I did not initiate the Australian PR process. before starting, I want to make sure that it won’t be an issue If I file with pay slips and salary certificate without form 16.

If you are offshore, now is not the right time to think about AUSTRALIA PR pathway (SAD BUT TRUE FACT). The country will not open up util next year and that too isn’t certain. Better to look for other countries. Rest is your choice. Good Luck!

Thanks for your inputs.