Regarding translation of non-english payslips/documents

Hi All,

I have around 10+ years of experience as a software developer. I’m working for an Indian IT MNC. I have been to Australia for around 2 years and to Europe for 1 year for onsite.
For the period in Europe, my pay slips are in non-English language. I have tried to contact Australian Embassy in India for translation related services but they aren’t replying.

If I submit self translated pay slips for that period for ACS, will they ignore/deduct that 1 year from overall experience and process my application
will they reject my application completely?

I’m fine if they ignore 1 year and process my application.

Please let me know on the above query.

Thanks in Advance!

@anil_am22 @negi Can you please check and advise on this.

You can get the translation done by an approved translator.

The approved translator list should be available on Australian website.

Hi Anil,

As per below link:

" If you’re overseas, contact your nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission(link is external) for a list of approved translation services in your country."

I have tried contacting all Australian Consulates in India(Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata) but none of them responding.

Is there any other way to check for approved translation services in India?

I am not sure about it. You can try a search on Google to see if any approved translator comes up.

ok. I will check.

Actually, I had asked this question to ACS as well and below is their response:
“Acceptable translations can be obtained from the Awarding Institution or your nearest Australian Diplomatic or Consular Mission”

I was in Europe for around 1 year. If I’m unable to find a translator and submit the payslips/bank statements for that period as it is, do you know what action ACS might take? Have you heard of any ACS assessment outcome in a similar scenario?