Regarding translation of non-english payslips/documents

Hi All,

I have around 10+ years of experience as a software developer. I’m working for an Indian IT MNC. I have been to Australia for around 2 years and to Europe for 1 year for onsite.
For the period in Europe, my pay slips are in non-English language. I have tried to contact Australian Embassy in India for translation related services but they aren’t replying.

If I submit self translated pay slips for that period for ACS, will they ignore/deduct that 1 year from overall experience and process my application
will they reject my application completely?

I’m fine if they ignore 1 year and process my application.

Please let me know on the above query.

Thanks in Advance!

@anil_am22 @negi Can you please check and advise on this.

You can get the translation done by an approved translator.

The approved translator list should be available on Australian website.