Register depended case

Hello. I registered on the website of the US Embassy in India to schedule an interview. But to add my wife’s case, I get a duplicate email error and I can’t register the case in any way. What is the solution to this problem? Please advise me

Your wife must be having her own profile. Reach out to US Travel Docs support and ask them to add/connect that profile to yours as dependent. Once done, you will be able to see both Primary as well as dependent profile under group members.

HI Diwdy
Through which link or website can I apply?
Another problem that has arisen for me is that I was able to book an appointment for my wife, but for me, who is the main case, I have been facing an error for two days. How can you help me? I am a guest in India and I have no resources to solve my problem and time is very important for me. Is it possible to send me your email to help me?

You will need to reach out to customer support to get things going for you. Unfortunately, no one else can help you with this. New website is a mess, as of now and a big pain for everybody.

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