Registration of Interest

I have incorrectly typed the firstname and lastname in the Victoria ROI and now I cant change it. So i have withdrawn the ROI. Also, I created another one to update for name correctly, however second ROI also has the same name and the textbox if greyed out.

What should I do, please advice

It looks like this now

You should contact the support team to get it corrected.

Thanks Anil.
I have raised an online query to them.

Also, I am opting for ROI for 190 visa in victoria. I have a separate EOI for this, and wanted to know that should I just tick the checkbox 190 in their or it doesn’t matter to select both 190 & 491?

You should select all types i.e. 190, 491 that you wish in your EOI.

Your EOI will be considered for all those types that you select.

Thank you Anil. Appreciate your support.