Related employment details mapping with ACS skill assessment


I have got my skills assessed from ACS. Attached is a reference of my assessment.

ACS says that employment after 24 July 2016 is considered relevant against my ANZSCO code. I am finding it difficult to map it to EOI. These employments are prior to or during year 2016. How shall I interpret this?

Also I have 6 employments, and ACS has only marked 2 of them relevant. When I mark these 2 employments (as per the attachment), EOI does not grants me any points for skills. Any help here would be highly appreciated. Please let me know if you need any further details here to assist.


Hi @sunchill.06

You can only claim points in your EOI for the employment after 24 July 2016 and that too for the jobs that have been marked relevant by ACS.

All other employment is non-relevant and you cannot use them in your EOI to claim points.

Thanks Anil.

But when I mark my employments post 24 July 2016, EOI dosen’t give me any point for skills. I get 0 points for skills.

How is it possible? You must be doing something wrong.

Hi Anil,

Please see snapshots to understand this.


And following is the points break-up once I submit my relevant skills post 24 July 2016.

ok…so this explains.

Since, ACS has only marked your work experience relevant after 2016, you fall in the 1-3 year category which has zero points.

You should break your employment period from 2015 to 2017 and give start date as the one mentioned in ACS letter i.e. 25 July 2016 to 2017 and then you should be able to get to next work experience points bracket.

Thanks a lot Anil. This helped.

Really appreciate your help here.

One more query, if you could help me with please. I have applied for 261313 ANZSCO Code and I have more than 11 years of experience in the same field. But ACS has marked only 3.8 yrs as relevant experience. They are saying its because of my Roles and Responsibilities in my RnR document.

What shall I do about this? I am having a feeling that review or appeal against this won’t do any good. Can I appeal and send new RnR documents these companies?As per ACS only any new experience can be sent while appealing? What are my options here? Can I re-submit a fresh assessment to ACS or is there any other authority for assessing against 261313 ANZSCO?


There is no other authority to access software engineer job code.

You can get your letters changed and then apply for a new ACS assessment. That’s the only option.

And what are the chances of getting a positive assessment. I gave them a statutory declaration for my current employer. I think I can arrange that quickly and change the Roles and Responsibilities. But it will be hard to get the R&R document again from my previous employers.

Shall I make statutory declarations for non-relevant employments and submit? What do you suggest? I want to make it right this time if I go for a fresh assessment.

Thanks again.


Everything depends on what’s mentioned in the letter that you submit. If the roles and responsibilities match the job code, you will get positive assessment.

If you can’t get the new letters from employer, then go for co-worker letters.

Can you please help me with a sample for the co worker letter and other things required along with it like notarized etc.

And how soon can i apply for a fresh assessment?

Really appreciate your prompt help.



I think the co worker letter is the statutory declaration only where i got the recommendation from my colleague itself. I got it notarized. Shall i add something along with it e.g. business card of the employee or coworker?

Co-worker Employment letter is also required as a proof that he was indeed working there.

Sample co-worker letter.

Thanks a lot Anil.

My ACS assessment was done in September. When can I apply for a fresh assessment?
And is the new assessment somehow linked to my earlier assessment since they already have my email/passport etc in my profile?

I am asking this to know whether this would impact my new assessment.


You can apply for new ACS assessment anytime.

I don’t think the new assessment would affect the old one or vice versa.