Related to work for spouse H4 and Business B2 visa

I’ve a question related to work visa. My spouse is currently holding H4 and valid Business (B2) visa. We’ve applied for his H4 EAD and waiting for it. My question is : Meanwhile can he work in US based on business visa ? His current i94 shows H4 entry though.

B1/2 can’t be used for paid work.

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Thanks Kalpesh. Even if we wish to withdraw Indian salary on business visa?

If the income is received in India account , you may be okay however keep in mind that you may be subject to tax assessment here in the US as worldwide income will be taxed if you are resident alien for the US tax year.

Legally, they cannot work in the US (physically present on US soil) even if the payment is done outside the US.

There may be a gray area as the tracking may be difficult.
But, legally, they cannot work on US soil.
Rest is up to the individual to take the decision based on their best judgment.

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