Renew Indian Child Passport in USA Questions & Answers

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Will parents state ID work to renew Indian passport for minors
We don’t have any other documents, no driving license , no mortgage or utility bill only we have state ID

Hi @komtrivedi
State ID is acceptable as ID proof for Indian passport renewal.

Hi Anil,

For Minor Indian passport renewal, notarized the documents by same person or can we get few documents to one person and remaining documents from another person is acceptable. Please clarify.


Notary can be done by anyone. No need to have same notary for all documents.


We came to USA on Jul 2018 on L1B visa. My daughter’s passport which is carrying India address, requires renewal by June 2021. We come under the jurisdiction of Washington consulate. Can anyone advise me if it is ok to apply now and what is the usual processing time? Sort of in a dilemma due to covid situation, and at the same time, it is better to get her passport updated, prior to any processing due to L1 visa extension.


Thanks a lot Rajesh. I had one more query - what should be the address printable in the passport? US address or India address? I am in L1 visa, which max can get extended till 2023.

Hello Anil ,

To renew the minor passport , Can you please tell if the below documents also has to be signed by either of parents or minor .

1 Affadavit for change in appearance and signature. (notarized)
Can you please tell if if either of parents also need to sign this form ?

  1. Annexure E — either of parents need to sign this form ?
  2. Annexure D (notarized) , Minor also need to self attest this form ?
    4 Self sworn affadavit for indian address ---- either of parents need to sign this form ?

Hello ALL ,

Can someone please confirm if either of parents also need to sign the Application form for Indian Passport in page 5 . My son has signed in the given place enclosed with bracket …

Do either of parents also need to sign somewhere at the end of page 5 ?



  1. I think requirement is to have thumb impression fully inside the box. I recently applied for my minor child and put a horizontal thumb impression.
  2. On page 5, parents should sign in case of minor applicant. I and my spouse both signed for my child’s passport renewal application.
  3. as answered in #2, both parents should sign. No need of child’s thumb impression.
  4. Normally notaries don’t notarize thumb impressions. In my case, we put my child’s thumb impression in the box and I and my spouse signed below the box in empty space and notary notarized our signature
  5. We put my child’s thumb impression along with my and my spouse’s signature inside the box on annexure E. I am not sure about affidavit for Indian address but general idea is that both parents sign along with child’s thumb impression if document is affidavit/declaration by child.
  6. Check list has pre-checekd check boxes. Just make sure that you send all of them, either copy or original as per check list.
  7. Better send color copy only wherever asked.

Change of appearance and Annexure E - child’s thumb impression + both parents’ signature
Annexure D - It’s a declaration by parents and doesn’t need child’s thumb impression/signature
I am not sure about affidavit for Indian address but if that’s an affidavit by child then both parents should sign along with child’s thumb impression/signature. If affidavit is by parent then only parent can sign. Normally first line of affidavit should tell who is making that declaration. Check if it starts with “I, child’s name” or “I parent’s name” or “We both parents’ name”.

For my child’s application, I and my spouse both signed. Child didn’t sign.

@Swapnil Thanks for the information , My son is > 5 years old so i believe he can sign in the mentioned bracket ?
If he signed already , parents still need to sign the form somewhere in the bracket or at the end of page 5 ?

Hi @Anil.Gupta @sumit_saurav i am applying passport renewal for my minor son ( <5 years) and i am done with most of the checklist documents. One question on checklist column 15. its saying about indian address , i am not changing the address on my son passport its same as old address but this question is saying something please clarify. Thanks.

“15 Indian Address
Applicants must write their Indian address / last known
Indian address in the Passport Application Form. This could
be in either the ‘To be printed on Passport’ or ‘Other
Address Details’ columns or the same Indian address can
be mentioned in both the columns”

Hi @kalyan,

I am having the same clarification. Did you get a way forward for this? if yes, please share the details.

@sujitha_pothiraj since there is no address change needed on my sons passport. I ignored that in check list and sent rest of the documents. I got my sons passport without any questions from embassy. Hope this helps

@kalyan. Thanks for the reply.

First, when I completed the application on the Indian Government website and the VFS website, I did not check the Change in Appearance lines. From reading all the detailed steps here, it seems like everyone who is applying after 10 years (I am) should be completing this Change in Appearance Form. Will this make a difference as I had not earlier checked the “Change in Appearance” boxes?

Second, I have applied for Change in Address and asked for my US address to be printed on the passport. However, it appears that I need to have valid address proof for my new Indian address (different than the address I had listed in my old passport). I’m not sure how the Embassy expects you to have a valid address proof at an Indian address where you clearly haven’t been living for a while. Please help with both these topics.