Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, SFO)

ANy one experiencing an issue in Adding new customers on VFS site for SFO consulate?

I have followed same process like in below blog but its not proceeding or not giving error

Ref: Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents) - USA

I submitted application in nri passport site, got ARN number but when I am trying to Add customer in VFS Global site , its not working. No error even showing. submit button is submitting page but not adding record. I am putting all correct data (all are related to passport related only). any one facing same issue ?

For me also Add Customer is not working on VFS Global site. Also there is no option for re-issue of expired Passport while on government site there is option for re-issue of expired passport.

Did anyone find a solution for this?

Same issue for me. Anyone find the solution ?

I am facing the same issue. Did anyone find a resolution for this.

Good new Guys

I just provided what was showing on Friday but later found that CKGS portal was compromised and it was handled by consulate already… below is the latest update

VSF should be new vendor but their website have issues in completing adding a new customer
So far no luck

VFS portal still not working, not able to add customer yet. its been 4 days. I have reported it to VFS on twitter, Facebook, their official feedback page but no positive response yet. Many people reported they were able to submit for SFO but I am not one of those lucky ones. Still don’t understand why would it worked for few and not working for many others. Tried all possible browsers and devices settings but still not luck.

VFS portal is working now, I am able to add customer and proceed.

Clicking on submit button on add customer page is not doing anything. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggested solutions?

I am able to add now… Finally, no sweat!!

It’s working now, i was able to proceed and able to get the shipping label :slight_smile:

Hello - Can someone got approval from consulate if VISA status is pending, as per vfs checklist its mentioned “Note: If the visa status is pending, please obtain prior approval from the Embassy/Consulate
Previously in CKGS i remember we had option to select pending at uscis and then enter the application number, can we do the same now i am little confused as VFS put as NOTE in checklist.

if we need approval how can we get the same from consulate



Did you send document checklist ? Do we have to put tick marks for the documents to be sent or is that for VFS to fill ?

Yes , I did , and did tick mark on the documents i have sent.

Hi Ganesh, when trying to add customer, did you see an error saying "passport number does not allow only alpha characters? Mine says that even though I’m entering my passport number as it appears on my passport (e.g. F1234567). Thanks.

No, I didnt encounter that. That might be a new bug :slight_smile: