Renewing Indian Passport with USA address and Indian address has changed

I would like to renew my Indian passport and use my US address to be printed on it. However, nobody lives at my previous indian address. My father moved back to our native place (which is in another state) and so for police verification I would have to give the address of my native place. Will this cause any issues with police verification? Or would it be wise to give my relative’s house address who stays in the same building we used to live at in India?

Any address is fine, as long as you have someone in the same place/city, who can vouch for you and your address at the police station when called (or, if and when they visit the address you mentioned). Your acquaintance might be asked to submit address proof for the address you have mentioned in the application.

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Thanks for the response! I will give my village’s address for police verification. My father has relocated there for the last 2 years. He stays there full time now and can easily vouch for me