Request change of Service Center to one that handles US Citizens applying for their spouse

I-130 petition for spouse Priority Date Dec, 6, 2018. (Filed with greencard.)

I will hopefully become a US Citizen next week when I take my Citizen Test.
I am now wondering if I have to request a change of Service Center to one that handles US Citizens applying for their spouse. Since California Center doesn’t, or if they will change it for me.
Thanks in advance

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You have to just request the upgrade of your application from Green card category to US citizen and USCIS will take of service center on their own.

Thank You for the help!!

Hi Anil,
I am in the same boat. I filed my I-130 for my spouse back in Dec 2017 as an LPR and my case is at CSC with no approval yet.

I became US citizen in April 2019 and upgraded my case to immidiate family. But I heard CSC doesn’t process I-130 for immediate family.

Is CSC going to prioritize my case or they will transfer my case ?
Thank you for your help,

CSC will process your case after the US citizen upgrade or will transfer it to some other service center.

It is their choice.

If they transfer the case, they will send an official letter of transfer which will clearly tell you the name of new center.

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Thank you for your reply

Hi Anil,
Just curious, if CSC will keep my case and process it after upgrade, are they going to pull my case out and prioritize it or they are just going to keep my case in the order they received?
Thank you.

Your case will be placed in citizenship queue and will be processed on new queue’s speed.

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Hi Anil,
If my case is in citizenship queue, should I file for a “outside normal processing time” service request ? because it has been 2 months since I upgrade my case and my I-130 for spouse as an citizen have been 18 months since filed.

Hi @toannguyen1000

You can call USCIS and inquire if they can raise a service request for your case.