Resignation after I140 approval


My I140 got approved on August-2019 and i was in India during the I140 approval. Post my I140 approval I came to the USA by Jan-2022 only due to travel ban and appointment issues. I am planning to resign from my employer by July-2022.

My question is regarding the 180 days rule post I140 approval so that my employer cannot revoke my I140.

My question is whether I have to stay with my employer for 180 days physically in USA after I-140 approval or 180 days from the date of approval .of I-140.

if it is “180 days from the date of approval .of I-140”, i am already crossed it. But if it is “180 days physical presence in USA after I140 approval” then i have to wait till July.

Please clarify. Thanks

If the employer do not withdraw within 180 days of approval, then you can use it for H1B extension of status beyond 6 years under AC21.

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