Return courier label for VFS fedex shipping option


Are we supposed to send the return fedex label in our document package if we opted for VFS Fedex option ?

I believe we are not supposed to send return envelope for VFS Fedex service but what about return Fedex label.

Please let me know.

You are right.

No need to send any separate envelop, they mostly reuse same envelop u send with original application.

Make sure you send the return Label .

Where can i find the address that has to be used on the shipping label?
I paid it for the label while creating application on the website , paid the same, but unable to download the same.

Now i have been advised by VFS to get my own prepaid label. Could someone guide me how to create a prepaid label. I would be sending my passport for renewal at Houstan.

Hi, Once I Obtain the fedex label from vfs website how long is it valid for?
Thanks for your response in advance

Well, as per fedex, it’s 2 years or so. having said that I would say don’t delay it by more than few days because then they may raise other issues like the bank statement or other proof are more than 2 months old.

Usually VFS or CKGIS do not keep cases pending for that long. They usually return it if they do not get documents in a timely manner.


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So, I’m applying for passport renewal in Altanta as my drivers license is from Georgia which is the address I’m using in the application.
Can I use the VFS return label address as my sister’s address in California instead of the Georgia address mentioned in the application and are there any documents I need to provide to use my sister’s address as the return address.

You cannot change the ‘return shipping label address’ as it has to match your own US address proof.