Return courier labels missing for VFS fedex shipping option

Hi, Download courier labels option on VFS global site is only downloading one way label. It’s not generating return label. Any idea if anything change or am I missing something?

Hi, I too face the same issue. Its weird.

They are generating the return label themselves while sending the package back these days.

They have probably done this to avoid confusion as many people pasted the wrong label while sending package to VFS and many forgot to ship the ‘return label’.


Hi, after the payment, i could only download courier label for one way i.e. TO vfs and no return label. Seems like VFS would create the return label when the passport is ready for delivery.

Is there any official confirmation from VFS that they are generating the labels at their end? This is the issue for all services, Renunciation, OCI etc.

Yes, I called them up few days back. They confirmed about change in process. Going forward, they with print return labels.

Hi All,

We paid for vfs provided courier services. What I could see in that oage is company name, card name, address (I assumed that was the credit card address)etc etc. No where it mentioned address for return label. And then finally i only could download one label and there was no return label. Can anyone please share where we had to mention home address(return address)?? And did anyone come across the same issue?