Returning on H4 while H1-B 221 g is pending


Hello Sir,

My husband attended H1-B interview on May 14th 2024 and received 221-g slip . No documents requested neither to my husband nor to the employer. On June 14th they returned the passport but the case is still under administrative processing.

Myself and our two kids are currently in USA and I’m on h1-b status. My husband is planning to H4 visa . Will there be any challenges to it. I don’t have H1-B stamping as I came on H4 and did COS to H1-B. Should we wait atleast 60 days for his pending H1-B 221.

Also for H4 DS-160 what should we answer for Primary Occupation and employment questions please

Thanks in advance

You husband can apply for H4 visa and if approved, can travel and come to USA.

With H4 visa, he will not be able to work in the US until he gets H4 EAD or files H4 to H1B COS after coming to USA.

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Thanks Anil. What should we answer for Primary Occupation question for H4 visa DS-160 please