Returning on H4 while H1B stamping is pending 221g

Hi Anil,
I received 221 g yellow slip 2 months back, for first time H1B stamping. MY previous visa was L2 I did a change of status from L2 to H1B. I was eligible for dropbox for H1B stamping I received 221g yellow slip, They requested a few documents( LCA, I-129, petition), and I already replied by email, but after that no status update.
I don’t know how much time it will take.
My question is

  1. Can I apply for an H4 visa in H1B 221g under process?
  2. Did I need to cancel my current 221g process?
  3. Can I filed for Writ of Mandamus?
  1. You can apply H4 if your spouse has H1B.
  2. No need to cancel the current 221g process.
  3. You can file a writ of mandamus if you want.

Thanks for Update

When I try for H4 it’s showing me again Dropbox eligible. I want to choose an interview.

How do I avoid Dropbox even though I am eligible for it?

The only way is to choose a wrong answer for dropbox, which I don’t suggest.

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In my case, the primary H1B holder has a valid I-797 but no H1B stamp on the passport. He did COS in the USA from L2 to H1B. Can I get an H4 stamp if the primary applicant doesn’t have an H1B stamp?

I applied for h4 visa. I booked and appointment but I got in person slot .
Is this correct ?
I am eligible for dropbox but still I received appointment