RFE No Response After 19 days - Premium Processing


Hope you are doing well.

I am currently based in Canada (PR, Indian Citizen), and was offered a position in the USA by a new employer. My H1B consular processing application was filed in premium processing in the first week of March and got a RFE for SO. I have an approved i140 and 2 years left on my original H1B, so this was a simple transfer.

Lawyer responded to RFE on 24th of April, but there has been no response yet from USCIS. Latest status says: Response to RFE was received with a date of 26th April 2020.

Lawyer says the delay is on account of COVID and we should wait a few more days. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Are you sure you filed in premium? I have not heard of any delays.

Infact, regular applications are getting approved in flat 2 weeks without premium in COVID-19.

Thank you Anil. It is premium, the initial RFE came on the 12th day, and the egov portal says premium for the first submission. The RFE response does not talk about premium, just says that response is received

I am also on same boat

Which is your service center ?

Its Vermont. Any idea on how to proceed in this situation? How many days has it been for you?

My case is in Nebraska and RFE responded on 4/24 (original filing date is on 1/28 as premium)

My company told me that they will have way to check with USCIS. waiting for the response

Thank You Favcker1. Would appreciate if you would keep me posted on the outcome

Sure. Please let me know once you hear back as well

Nothing yet buddy. My lawyers raised a service request with the PP cell, the response was “its under process and no estimate on when it will be completed can be provided”

Let me know if you want to get in touch over the phone, and I will give you a temporary number to call

Looks like there are plenty of such cases. Do you know if you received the premium amount back from USCIS ?

There is good news for our cases. Please look at the last paragraph of the latest USCIS announcement on premium resumption

Thanks ! Does that mean we need to file I907 again or should that be picked up and processed in premium without resubmission?

You have to refile your I907

I am also in same situation ,i think only attorney can file i907 for our case or we can file too.

I think it depends on if you received back the premium fee or not . I think we have to file I907 only if we receive the fee back

Did your attorney confirmed if they received the fee back ?

Hey ,did you got any update about your case? I am also in same situation.H1 EXTENSION (PP) Jan got rfe then rfe response submitted on 22nd April after that no informantion…attorney not reachable :neutral_face:

No update yet. But USCIS has started processing similar cases. Hope they get to our cases at some point

Anyone has any updates? If not, what steps are your lawyers taking, if any?

I see my case approved in USCIS site on 6/10

No response from my attorney .22 Jan PP then rfe ,rfe response on 22nd april…after that no response…