RPL for ACS Skill assessment

Hi Anil,

My application is under process with ACS (Anzsco code 261112).

They have suggested me to change my application type to RPL and submit the report.

I did that, now my question is, can I claim points (15) of work experience (As per ACS, my skill met date will be around 2009) + Can I claim points (15) for my graduation and MBA (Both correspondence in field of IT) ?

Or they will consider my qualification as Non-ICT and I can only claim 10 points. ?

In addition to this, Can I claim for my spouse points (5) who is graduated in commerce having varying work experience as airline ground staff, banker and school teacher?

What you can claim on Australia EOI for education and work experience will depend on what ACS marks as relevant in their report.

I can suggest something only once you have the final report.

You need to choose spouse ANZSCO code and get her education and work experience Assessment as well if you want to claim spouse points.

Thanks Anil, I got my assessment report today. I was advised by ACS to change my application type to RPL so that I can get requirement met date of 2009. I submitted my RPL report 5 days back and today I got assessment which has given me requirement met date as 2015. Can I write back to them to consider RPL (As I have paid addition AUD 200 & submitted it on time).

My reports says following:-

Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261112 (Systems
Your qualifications have been assessed as follows:
Your Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University completed
May 2015 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in
Your Master of Business Administration in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal
University completed August 2018 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Master Degree
with a Minor in computing.

Can spouse have different ANZSCO code than mine ?

Did you check the spouse points eligibility checker link that I shared earlier?

It has answer to your question.

Yes Anil, I have checked that link. Can you pls respond to my earlier query ?

If you had checked that link, you would have understood that spouse can have different ANZSCO code.

Hi Anil,

I am planning to submit for ACS soon.

I have a query on my husband’case. His qualification is bsc in IT and his job code should be 263111 ( Computer network and systems engineer).

Will it be qualified as ICT major/minor? And is it required to write RPL in his case?

Hi @najila_at

RPL is not required as long as you have work experience letters to prove it.

ICT major/minor is judged based on subjects studied in the course. I cannot say only on the basis of course name.

Hello Sachin,
Would you be kind enough to help me out with the RPL please? I have 12.5 years of IT experience, but I hold a BE degree in Mechanical, so I am considered as Non-ICT and hence I need to write a RPL report.
I have been trying to find ‘RPL’ samples online but so far managed to find only 3. I don’t even know if those are authentic. As you have got a positive evaluation, I can be sure that your document is on the dot. If you are willing to help me out, please do reply to my message, I will then share my gmail id. Also, if you are willing to help, you may delete the details of your project. I only need to use it as a reference. I have content of my own, but as I have no reference points, I am not confident.
Many thanks,
Avinash Shenoy

Hi Avinash,

I’m more than happy to help you with this but unfortunately my RPL application got rejected and they haven’t communicated the reason for rejection.

I got positive assessment because my education was into IT but due to RPL rejection I have to do away with my experience and got only 3 yrs out of overall 15+ years :frowning:

If you need any further information please let me know.



Hi Anil,

Hope you are well! Hoping to get some clarification on ACS assessment from this post.

I got my ICT qualification in Australia- Masters of IT.

My chosen field of occupation in Systems Analyst and I have 10+ years of international work exp (India/US) and 1.5 years of Australian work exp (post getting Masters of IT). I have all my documents ready for ACS skill assessment.

My question is should I proactively be submitting a RPL to ACS? Or should I wait until ACS asks to submit a RPL?

Can ACS give a negative outcome if I don’t submit RPL beforehand?

Thank you!

Hi @Sachin_Bedekar can I get your contact