RPL Requirement for ACS

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I have checked simiar post but its very old Hence posted the new topic here.
Let me give quick intro I have 14+ years of IT experience and grducated from Bachelor Degree (Electrical and Electronics Engg). My question here is, for ACS submission, need to RPL path or i can go with general skill patch.
Also advices, in my case how many years they will detect from the experiene.

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I think going directly with skills path would be fine for you as they look at last 10 years of experience.

@anil_am22 , Thank you so much for answer. From your earlier post about ACS Work Exp 2,4,5 & 6 year of deduction calculation.

For Electrical Engineer- i belive its 4yrs deduction from the total work experience.

Let me submitt my ACS and let you know what is outcome of the application.