S386 Durbin Amendment Deal - Questions & Answers

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All immigration hype before elections. After November 3 everyone will go back to slumber for 3 years.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for such a detailed analysis,I really appreciate the effort.

I just had one question about #6 H4 EAD may not Get I-485 EAD.I am heavily stressed out about this situation,If it does not happen how are the spouses eligible to work after H4EAD expires.

Also,if EAD will be given only for 3 years is there any extension involved after that until we get green card.

As you mentioned somewhere,we can apply for I-485 now before the PD becomes active according to this bill.We have approved I-140 and H4EAD now, when exactly we can apply for I-485 and should the spouse get EAD if we apply as soon as possible before H4EAD is taken away.

Please shine some light on this.Thanks in advance.

What will happen for those kids who are already age out or who is going to age out till this bill effective?

Appreciate all your analysis and thoughts, its very helpful. Have a question around FAQ #2: I have an approved i140 issued 2 years ago and I’m in the process of changing employer now. I would think my current employer would withdraw my i140, and my new employer will file i140 with same priority date. In this case, should I wait for 2 more years after my i140 is filed by new employer is approved? Please clarify, thank you!

S386 is over. The points mentioned above do not matter now.