S386 in US senate - Why are they not going for normal voting and waiting for UC?

Sir, why it’s not possible for a regular voting? Why do we need UC? If there is a hearing how long is the process? Thanks for the answers in advance. You are great and provide regular updates correctly.

Hi @ankur_bhargava

They are politicians and most of the time what they say and show on screen is not what they really want to do. There are deals done behind the scenes and under the table as you have seen in India.

So, if the bill has to pass, there will be a some compromises and negotiations done.

It is not only about the type of voting to be done. It is for the general public to show off.

When it is time to pass the law with all the deals already done, they will pass either with UC or voting. They will choose the easiest mechanism and will pass it.

So, there is no use of thinking as to why they are not going for normal voting vs Unanimous consent.

If I get it right for a normal voting, there has to be a debate, and the bill has to be brought on the calendar for voting by the committee, which means it has to have some traction, with 35% cosponsor that’s an uphill task and probably won’t fly this session, which means the house voted bill 1044 and 386 would just go to trash, and come after 2 years with new number as usual

I always had this question. Who decides whether to go to UC or voting ?

Obviously UC doesn’t seem like a easiest mechanism as it is being blocked at-least by one senator

Voting would not give advantage to either of the parties in next election and saying something and showing something is always prima facia politicians

I read some where that UC is mostly done to expedite the final bill making. Even after two times denial , i dont why these demagogues doesnt like to go for normal voting .

I got the below from another group…
It was explained multiple times why UC over Vote. One last time again…

For Voting, the bill should go through judiciary process and allocate 5 days for discussions. They would think of priority to give 5 days of time when there are other issues.

Let’s say, it is scheduled for vote. Senators can add amendments, for each amendment to be added there would be voting and discussion about that amendment. There would be multiple iterations for each amendment.

At the end it would be big bill with all amendments. There would be one more final vote for that big bill with all the amendments included. Many senators might support original bill but might not support other amendments, so there is a chance that it might not get 60 votes.

Once it fails, they would not bring it back to vote next time. Last time when they brought this for voting process, more than 300 amendments added to this bill. For sure Daca would be added if it goes through regular voting.

For UC, there is no limit on how many times it can be brought up. Sen. Lee avoiding that route not to avoid amendments. Others who oppose UC, want this to go through Voting so that they can add their amendments.