Save check for Driving license says additional check required

It would be great if you can share some information on my case . I went to the BMV office in Ohio to renew my driving license using my receipt notice .

The clerk after veryfying all my documents and taking a picture of mine handed over a paper to me which states that my DL will be issued if the SAVE check is complete .

when i checked the status online using the SAVE case number the result shows “Additional verification required” with completion time of 10 days .

My question is whether this process is something normal? What are the odds of getting through this save case check??

This SAVE process is normal and is followed in all states for cases when your application is pending with USCIS.

You should be able to get positive result. Just wait.

Some people do get negative result though if they have used i94 number instead of their A number.

Thanks a lot Anil for your prompt reply . Do H1B visa holders without GC has A number?? The BMV clerk had no choice but to initiate my SAVE check using I94 number…

Usually, there is a choice between entering either i94 or A number.

A number is more reliable as i94, if already expired, will give a negative result.

SAVE system is for verification of your lawful presence in USA. If your i94 has expired, it will most certainly give a negative result.

A number is assigned if you have an approved i140 with you.

My driving license is expiring on Jan 12, 2020, and I changed from h4 to h1b from Oct 1st, 2019.

I went to renew my driving license with approved i797. The DMV officer (Utah state) saying data base is not updated so asking me to come on Jan 12th.

I visited the DMV 3 times from Oct to Dec each time they are saying the same answer. I checked in SAVE CaseCheck | USCIS and I see case status showing “oct 28th SAVE has returned your case to Utah - Department of Public Safety, Driver License Division.”

How long it takes? What can I do to get my driving license renewal? Please help me. Appreciate your time

It the status is showing as sent to DMV, then it has been sent.

It usually only takes about 2-3 weeks. You can print this status and take it to DMV office and then ask them to recheck.

What happens if when i enter my SAVE case number it cannot be found? Its been 7 days since i visited the DDS here in Georgia. Is this normal? Any experience with this? How long it took for the case to be visible in the SAVE Check your Case website?