SBI Maxgain Principal not getting deducted

Hi Anil,

Sbi Maxgain Loan amount : 1932682
Currently parked money : 1932684
EMI : 23957
Tenure remaining : approx 12 yrs
For the past 7 months, since the moratorium started, my Principal amount is not getting deducted from my outstanding home loan amount. At the same time when the RBI Moratorium started, I reached my goal of keeping the full amount in my OD account to make a ZERO Interest. My EMI’s are getting deducted regularly (as I did not opt for moratorium), Interest became 0. However I was expecting that the PRINCIPAL would get deducted as per the initial Amortization schedule, which is NOT HAPPENING and is raising me a concern.

I talked with the Branch Manager, and all she is saying is to close the loan account, but I don’t want to do that. I want ZERO interest with decreasing principal, because as far as I know maxgain account helps save interest, but principal would continue to deduct as per the schedule

Can you please let me know that in such a case where we keep extra amount in OD account over and above our “Limit”, the principal stops deducting ???
To resolve this issue do I have to keep a rupee less in my available balance (1932681) ?

Now in Nov 2020 when the moratorium period has ended, I thought that the Principal would start getting deducted, but it did not happen. Kindly help as talking to SBI customer care is helpless and waste of time.
Attached the pic of the number of loan account

You should close the account if you don’t have 6 month’s worth of EMI.

Bank will soon call you to close the account.