Select courier service - VFS offered courier service option NOT getting selected

All this while I was having issues just Adding customer, which I think most people had. I was able to create the account but when I select “VFS offered courier service” , I get a pop-up message saying you have to pay online. When I click on OK, the selection drop down is defaulted to thinking and I have to go back and click on the VFS options. It is an ongoing loop. I cannot select VFS offered courier service at all.
If I select “Choose own courier service” should I first get the label and all of that and then fill out the rest of the information? because it is asking for the label number.

This process has been more impossible to complete without being frustrated.

Similar problem here. when VFS courier is chosen and it gets the address, then gives invalid/session error message.

I had a similar issue. However, when I logged out and logged back into VFS, I was able to see the VFS courier option.