Self Attested Copy of NOTARIZED I797

Hi Anil,

I got an email asking to provide a self-attested copy of NOTARIZED I 797 for the renewal of my minor daughter’s passport.
Does it mean that I have to get it notarized first and then self attest by my daughter?
Or will the self-attestation will be enough?


Notarized means notary and self attest means self signing.

If they are asking for notary, then you should get one.


I am applying for passport renewal for my son under New-York jurisdiction with bellow facts

  1. Sons H4 extension is still in “Case Was Received” state (was applied in Nov 2019)
  2. Wifes H4 extension is still in progress.
  3. My H1B extension is approved and I have valid I-797A and I-94

One of the document in checklist is notarized copies of Parents Valid Visa

For both of us Visa stamped in passport is expired. I have sent query about this but didn’t receive any response so far. I am looking for suggestions from anyone gone though same kind of situation or know about it.


Hi @Sanny

You can send the pending receipt number copy with the passport application.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta thanks for your answer. This helps as service provider does not reply to any emails.

One more thing for Online Passport Application which needs to be sent, does signature on first page signature below Photo and last page signatures of parents also needs to be notarized as in checklist nothing is mentioned about that and in FAQ for minors signature they say signed pages to be notarized .

I have already done notary for Annexure D on separate page.