Sell car in US from India with Bank loan?

Thanks Anil. I went through that.

Also just thought of seeking your advise on another thing here. Since I am not able to travel, I am trying to sell my car in US from India. I know using a power of attorney form, I can authorize my friend to sell it for me. But if the car is on finance, who should be authorized to give the power of attorney, me or the Bank who owns the title?Also what is the owner to be mentioned in the power of attorney form. My name or Bank’s name who owns the title?

Hi @ana00159

You cannot sell a car until you hold the title on your name.

So, the first step is to pay off bank loan in US and get the title. Once you have the title, use the POA and give it to your friend.

Your friend can then sign on title on your behalf and sell the car.

Hi Anil,

Just checked with a dealer and they said they can pay off the loan, but need to give the power of attorney to my friend. Just checking on that.


You can give power of attorney to your friend. It does not have anything to do with your car.

The power of attorney only gives right to your friend sign on your behalf. He can sign on your behalf if the document is on your name. Simple.

Hi, im also looking to sell my car. My car loan is paid off. But i dont have the title document. I left left the car in usa and traveled to india and cant go back. How to get the title from india and sell the car?