Separation while on H1b

Hello Everyone, Need clarification.

I am on H1B and deputed in USA from last 7 months. Planning to move to another employer in US. Is it legal to change employer in less than 1 year? How many days of notice I need to serve in US? will there be any amount that I need to pay to TCS?

Kindly reply.

You can change employer anytime. There is no 1 year condition as far as H1B is concerned.

Whatever TCS may ask you to pay (if any) will be based on the deputation agreement you signed.

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Irrespective of whatever is written in the agreement, you are allowed to change the job.

The max they might do is ask compensation in the name of project loss or something similar while settling your Indian funds.

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In agreement no where it’s mentioned about the amount. Then why they will ask for it? And ho much that could be