[SF] Does Police Verification matter if my Passport was already shipped?


I received FedEx (and vfs) notice about my new passport being shipped to me.

I received a PV Initiation email shortly after. I’d put in my relative’s address, because my family doesn’t live in India anymore, and we don’t have a permanent address.

My mother happened to be visiting Chennai, so she was at my relative’s when the policeman said he’d show up.

The policeman visited, and asked for proof of address on my Aadhar, which didn’t at all match my uncle’s. Apparently this was an issue. He then asked for copies of my Aadhar and old passport to be sent via WhatsApp, and just left without saying anything. They also forgot to pay the customary bribe, because it happened so fast. I really wish there was a way to track whether my passport was valid/cleared.

Since I’ll receive my passport soon anyway, should I worry about being detained at the airport? I’m flying out Friday.

No you won’t be detained for this. You can ask your relative to visit Police Station to make sure they have what they need. They can also explain your situation.


Many thanks for replying!

We’re worried that would just serve to antagonize the policeman further, as he’s the only cop in that police station doing passport rounds, and he’s already aware of the situation. My intention is to go meet him in person once I’m there, but I was worried my passport would be blocked at Indian immigration.

I’m not sure what happens in a post-verification scenario (I didn’t apply via Tatkal) - do they have a blocked list of passports?

If you are going there, better to visit in person. Passports are not blocked easily unless you are wanted in some serious offence or directed by some court.

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Many thanks for helping!

As an update here, I flew into Bangalore, where I had immigration, and it went smoothly.

I guess if there were more serious issues we would’ve been informed. So as long as you receive the passport, PV might just be a formality? YMMV.