Skill Assessment (ACS) New Rules and Renew Process - 2023

Hi @anil_am22

My ACS was expired already in 2022-April, and I want to renew my ACS again.

  • Organization-1
    2013 - July To 2018 - January

  • Organization-2
    2018 - February To 2021 - April

  • Organization-3 [Currently working and I want to claim up to 2023 - March.]
    2021 - May To 2023 - March


  1. Is it enough to upload the latest documents after 2020-March OR do I need to re-submit all the documents again from 2013 to 2023.?
  2. For the expired skills assessment they haven’t checked the salary credited name “Employee name” [From 2013-July To 2020-February]. For this time will they apply new rules and reassess my expired application.?
  3. Since I’m in the 3rd organization how do I edit the “End Date” of the second Organization? Or Do I need to add it separately.?

Hello, I’ve the same query. Could you please share if you’ve got any resolution for it.