Skill Assessment (ACS) New Rules and Renew Process - 2023

Hi @anil_am22

My ACS was expired already in 2022-April, and I want to renew my ACS again.

  • Organization-1
    2013 - July To 2018 - January

  • Organization-2
    2018 - February To 2021 - April

  • Organization-3 [Currently working and I want to claim up to 2023 - March.]
    2021 - May To 2023 - March


  1. Is it enough to upload the latest documents after 2020-March OR do I need to re-submit all the documents again from 2013 to 2023.?
  2. For the expired skills assessment they haven’t checked the salary credited name “Employee name” [From 2013-July To 2020-February]. For this time will they apply new rules and reassess my expired application.?
  3. Since I’m in the 3rd organization how do I edit the “End Date” of the second Organization? Or Do I need to add it separately.?

Hello, I’ve the same query. Could you please share if you’ve got any resolution for it.

Hi era_fdo_1 / Ankit.

Its better to re-upload all the files even though the older files are still there in their portal. Make sure the older files which you uploaded earlier matches to the new one that you are going to apply. If they find any discrepancy then their will be trouble for you. I am not sure if it actually requires you to upload or not, but its always better to upload as this doesn’t cause any delays for your assessment result. Be prepared nowadays it takes 12 weeks to get the assessment letter. If you are lucky you will get it before that, but if they need additional documents then basically you are further delaying the result.

  1. Not clear what is your question. If you can elaborate probably can see if we can help. Employee name and bank statements must be clear. I think it is better you have that sorted before applying again. Some officers are hard to deal with if they find out.
  2. Please choose a separate field again for Organization 2 from where it is ended comparing to old assessment. There are no other choices.