Skill assessment

08 July 2020

Dear Mr Patel

Thank you for your ICT skills assessment, which was received by the Australian Computer Society on 04 June

Your skills have been assessed to be unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 223211 (ICT Trainer).

You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional information technology

experience of four (4) years in a field closely related to your nominated skilled occupation.

Your qualificaon has been assessed as follows:

Your Bachelor of Technology Information Technology from Jodhpur National University completed

January 2012 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in


Your work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full me employment of at least 20hrs

per week:

Dates: 05/18 - 06/20 - 2 year(s) 1 month(s)



Please suggest to me what should I do? should I apply again with 4year experience?? howmuch have chance to get positive result if I will apply after 4 years ?