Spouse ACS assessment- number of years of work experience required

Hi Anil,

I am planning to apply ACS for my wife to get additional 5 points.She finished B.tech in Electronics&communications and has been working in IT field as system admin from the past 3 years &6months. Does she need to complete 4 years of work experience to get positive ACS assessment or is it not mandatory? I am afraid to submit her ACS as it costs rs.25,000?


@bhanuprathapm ACS assesses your application against the ANZSCO code you select.

I dont think experience matters if you are looking for spouse points

You need to prove that she is aligned to the job description, and if ACS deems the responsibilities are fit with the ANZSCO code, they will assess positively.

Ofcourse, you both will need to be in the same category to claim the additional points.

Good Luck !

Hi Vivek,

Thanks a lot for your reply and the positive hope. Yes, we both are in same category, but my ACS was already done last year. Now I am applying her ACS alone, How do I let ACS know that I am applying for Spouse points only, I will submit marriage certificate anyway, but is there any other written statement or statutory decalration I need to submit?


I think ACS are only interested in assessing skills on an individual basis. (they wouldn’t be keen on knowing the actual purpose)

They will give their verdict depending on the academic and work experience documents you provide them.

From my experience, I have not seen a section where ACS asks you to provide any personal documents other than your passport.

If ACS assesses that the provided documentation is positive to the nominated ANZSCO code, you should be able to claim the additional 5 points updating your EOI.

Hi @bhanuprathapm

Minimum 2 years work experience required to get positive result from ACS for work experience. You should be able to get positive result for your spouse.

HI Anil,

Thanks for your reply. ACS deducted 4 years for me, as my job is in IT and education is in ECE. Similarly, is the case with my wife, so was confused if she also needed to have 4 years of experience.

On a different note, my ANZSCO code is 261112- Sysstem analyst and hers is 262113-system admin. Can I claim points for different occupation code bcoz I saw in your post that spouse occupation should be same as of primary applicant. In ANZSCO codes pdf, my code 261112 is in MLTSSL and hers is not there. Her code and my code is in ‘Combined list of eligible occupatons’. Is this okay? Am I eligibile to claim 5 points for her skills?


Hi @bhanuprathapm

Spouse job code should be in the same list to be eligible. Combined list does not work.

Thanks Anil, my query is resolved

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Hi, Do we need to have minimum experience for wife to claim spouse 5 points?
My wife started working just 5 months back. Can anyone assist. I have heard that we don’t need minimum experience, its just that we need to have souse working in same code.

@bhanuprathapm Could you please suggest what was the output of ACS assessment for your wife/partner. We are also am in same situation. My wife finished B.E in Electronics&communications and has been working in IT field as software engineer from the past 4 years &6months. Does she need to complete 6 years of work experience (as B.E. from non IT ) to get positive ACS assessment and 5 points for partners skill set ?

@anil_am22 Could you please help me on this query ?