Spouse points requirements as per a code

hi Anil ji…i need to ask about SPOUSE points…I am in ANZSCO CODE 221111…To claim my wife points should she be under same code 221111 or should she be as qualified as i am or should she have same (65 points) as i am having…and requirements of PTE are 50 points or more…Thanks in advance

You can check spouse points requirement here.

The spouse job code should be in same occupation list and not necessarily the same job code.


Whether can I claim my partner skill points, if my spouse is currently not working. She worked in the past for 5 years and then stopped working 4 year ago. However,

  1. She is under 45.
  2. With PTE competent English.
  3. Already has skills assessed from ACS (+ve), same as my skilled occupation.

Please advice.

Hi @padmohana

You can claim spouse points if your have the positive assessment even if spouse is currently not working.

Please note that spouse points requirement will change starting Nov 2019 and you will be eligible for 10 points.

Hi Anil, please can you let me know what do we mean by positive skill assessment for spouse. My wife has only 2 years of work experience and that too back in 2012. Do we have chance of getting positive skill assessment and claim 10 points for 189 after Nov 2019. As of now i have 75 points under 261313 with eoi field on April 2019, no luck yet …


Hi @sam5

I cannot say if ACS would consider the spouse work experience as positive or not. I suggest to file for assessment. Trying is the only option.

Hi ,

We have applied our EOI application with 65 and 70 for 189 and 190 application respectively… My husband was able to score only 10 from PTE. So He will take one more test and try to get full 20 points. Meanwhile We want to add spouse score too … Let us know can we add my PTE score … If so what is the minimum score for my PTE in order to contribute for my husband application. Finally what are the chnaces of invite for our application ?


Hi @Bhavyaksmurthy

The chance of invite depends on the ANZSCO code that you choose.

Read about new spouse points rule here.

We have applied under the category of Software engineer. Im an Hardware design engineer , can my skill assessment can be contributed to him ?

My husband will take once again PTE and contibute 20 complete points . If i contribute 5 points from my PTE . Total will be will be 80 and 85 … If that is the case what are our chances of invite?

Can you confirm on spouse score 50 each on PTE ?

Thank you in Adavance

Did you read the spouse points link? What did you understand from the link?