Stimulus 2020 Check eligibility checker - H1B, L Visa, Green Card Test

I was on J1 visa until October 2018 and then I have been on H1B since October 2018. How would IRS check our visa status? I have filed 2019 return already but I do not see our visa on form 1040.


IRS will not check your visa. They look at your IRS form that you fill.

Hi, I am having h1b visa and my spouse has opt ead using F1 visa. We both have SSN and we filed the tax jointly. Will we be eligible for the check? Thanks!

What result did you get in the stimulus COVID relief app here?

They only ask me if my H4 spouse has ssn or not. But my spouse is not in H4, but in F1 with ssn. Thanks!

That is fine. If you filed your last tax return with your F1 spouse SSN, then you would be eligible.

Thanks Mr.Anil. I am still confused whether H1B employees are eligible or not as it states clearly non-alien residents are ineligible.

If some received stimulus check and currently employed, I would suggest to donate the money to Govt towards COVID-19 funds

Did you fill the questions and then checked your result?

I m currently on h1. Soon may get my gc. My question is will taking stimulus cheque money have impact on getting gc in future? . The reason i am asking is because there is contradiction in definition of resident aliens as per irs and uscis to the best of my knowledge. Under Cares act, the is no clear definition mentioned who are considered resident and non resident aliens. If you find any information or web link plz do share.

Coronavirus Relief payment is not a public charge.

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I have received the stimulus check. The transaction is appearing as a Federal Benefit Credit from social security administration. I was expecting it to be related to IRS. Is this Okay? The “get my payment” tool is showing that the money has been deposited.