Stuck in H1 to GC endless wait: Fund to lobby for our cause or other ideas/suggestions

There is an estimated wait time of 100+ years for most of our people to get their GCs
The problem I have seen is that Indians in the US are very divided. Rather than blaming the unfair immigration system, we are fighting internally. Some people blame the IT giants like TCS, Infosys etc. while many others blame the shady desi ‘consultancy’ companies. And some go to blame the Telegus or Hyderabadis in general.
However, I feel each and every one of our candidate is way better than the people coming here due to chain migration or people who claim refugee status.
If all of us Indian Americans unite for once,maybe we can succeed. Maybe we can set up a fund to lobby for this cause. We are the richest community in this country based on country of origin.
Or maybe we can do something else. But we need to unite, else the issue will never be solved.
Please pitch in your ideas or suggestions. Thank you.

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Hi @Akash_Joshi

I will share this thread on facebook and whatsApp groups. Lets see what ideas can we get.

Thanks Anil.
Let us hope we can work out a solution to our woes.

Need to lobby in each and every part of US then only it will successful.

See if this make sense, if not just ignore my suggestion. They give 1.4 Lakh green per year. I assume they are not completely using the limit. Here is my thought, by end of every year they can fill the remaining limit on priority basis. Example, 70k Greencard is filled by November of this year they can fill the remaining application on priority basis (no country quota, first come first serve for remaining 70k). This way we can get some improvement.

  • Haris

Hi Akash, excellent thought and I have been thinking the same for past 6 months. Is there a way I can contact you to discuss