Studying in and emmigrating to Australia


My daughter has Hong-Kong+French passports and is presently in secondary school (Year 11) at Australia International School Hong-Kong, where she has attended classes since P1.

What she has in mind, is to:

  • attend university in Australia. She would like to study as a secondary school Arts teacher at one of the big ones like UNSW, UQL etc. I believe secondary school teachers are in both the 189 and 190 skilled occupation lists, at the moment.
  • ultimately, apply for PR.

This is therefore a long term project since she would finish her studies in 2027 if all goes well.

Notwithstanding the fact that a lot of things could happen between now and 2027, including marrying an Australian citizen, does anyone here (Anil ?) have a sense of how attractive this kind of profile is, at the moment ?
I note that because of her HK passport, my daughter can apply a post graduate visa lasting 5 years, which is quite valuable as a beginning.

Thank you.

  • Jean.

Sorry, I can’t really guide as I do not have first hand experience with this kind of situation.

May be someone else who has gone through this scenario may help.

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