Subclass 190 Visa vs Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program

Hi Good People. I submitted my documents through Immiaccount for the PR visa in mid-June 2020. My visa is of 190 subclass category. I have already done my health assessment last week. Additionally, very recently I have been also chosen to apply under the GTI scheme. Hence, I have three questions in this context. Seeking your kind advice.

  1. Do you suggest I should also apply through GTI scheme, in parallel with my current 190 application?
  2. I got a nomination from VIC state (for 190 subclass). Do I have to strictly maintain two years of stay in VIC after I start staying? If I get a job outside of VIC, will the local govt. allow me to move to another state before the two years restriction gets over? How strict is this procedure?
  3. Is there any chance my visa will be approved this year or early next year considering the current issues monitored by the Australian Govt.?

Thanks a lot.

When you say this, I hope you have received your UID for GTI program, right?

  1. You can definitely apply for GTI visa (124/858) in parallel to your 190 visa application (will just cost you double the money). However, as soon as one visa is granted, you should withdraw any other lodged visa application by rule otherwise whichever visa is granted secondly will make the first visa stand cancelled.

  2. Yes, you need to spend the first 2 years in VIC as the sponsorship rule. In case you fail to get a job in VIC in the initial few months but get it in another state, you can definitely approach VIC govt to issue the NOC but it depends whether or not they actually gives you one. States can be a bit strict with this at times.

  3. For 190-If you are onshore, your probability of getting a grant is anyway increased and if you have a job code in a critical care occupation, you should expect it soon. However, if you are offshore, forget about your application for a while and focus on other important things because the processing times for offshore people have skyrocketed.
    For GTI Visa-This one is real quick. I have seen people getting grants within weeks of lodgement (irrespective of onshore/offshore). If you have the UID and can prove your achievements and records, I would suggest that you go ahead and lodge your visa. It will cost you extra $$ but will save you the trouble of the “never ending wait for 190 grant”.

Hi Pooja. Thanks.
Yes I got my UID.

  1. Thanks for the detailed reply.
  2. Okay. I got it. I guess its case-specific.
  3. I am in off-shore. If I now also apply through GTI, can the same health assessment that I did for 190 visa last week can be used? I mean, using the same HAP ID so that I don’t need to do the assessment again? Any idea?

Thanks again, Pooja.

I’m not very sure of this but I guess you can. @anil_am22 might be able to answer this for you.

Hi @anil_am22 … Would you please inform me if you have any idea regarding “can the same health assessment that has been done 2-3 weeks ago for the 190 visa be used for GTI visa application through the same HAP ID?”

You should be able to reuse it as long as the medical requirements are same as the one for 190.

The 190 requirements are stricter than most visas so, it should be reusable.

Thanks for the information Anil. Much appreciated.


congrats for GTI UId. I am also at offshore.

Though i am yet to apply, did you show high income threshold or Phd?

Also, did you get nomination from ACS(if you are IT) or from whom you got nomination?

I am senior It architect. I have been in australia for couple of months.FYI.From offshore, how can i show Asstralia income and also INR converted to aUD would not be good.

Can i show my 2 year old AUD salary slip (2019)? but that is also lesser than high income threshold(which is 150k+)

Also, did you show functional english proof through PTE or IELTS (when you submitted EOI for GTI)

Request others also to revert me,if you can help.



High income threshold is one of the criterias based on which they are issuing UIDs. Also you need to be exceptionally talented with international awards/certifications/patents that will put weight on your profile.


@Pooja Negi, could recommend any consultancy firm or immigration agent who successfully help in Applying for GTI visa?

Sorry No idea! You will have to look at the internet for MARA agents for GTI Visa.