Superannuation Statement/ Provident Funds statements for SC491

@anil_am22 I am from India. I received S56 at Further Assessment to submit Taxation documents and Superannuation Statement/ Provident Funds statements for SC491 - Australia. For taxation, I have never done ITR filling. could I submit my Form 16 TRACE certificates?

For Superannuation Statement/ Provident Funds statements: I have never opted for PF from my two employers. For one of the employers, my EPFO account is closed and I am not able to download PF certificate, but I was managed to download PF UAN Card. Please suggest.

Well, you van file ITR now and submit the proofs.

Form 16 and ITR are two separate things.

You can submit whatever proofs you have for superannuation and PF.

Hello Sir, below are my two situations.

Case 1:

2007 To 2011 - Worked for a small firm where PF was not entitled.
2012 To 2016 - Worked for a big firm. Had PF account but I am unable to download PF certificate nor have any option to get the PF statement. I managed to download UAN ID somehow.
2016 To 2020 - Worked for medium size company where PF was optional so I had opted out from PF.

Please suggest what do I do in this case?

Case 2:

For Taxation documents: I have never filed ITR. I am not able to fill ITR for these years from 2007 to 2020 for which CO has raised the request. But I do have Form 16 TRACE certificates for all these years and I can produce bank statements as well.

Kindly help me Sir as I am at the last stage of the visa process for SC491. Please suggest what do I do in the above two cases?

Alright, mate, for the taxation docs, while Form 16 and TRACE certificates might help a bit, they might not cut it if you haven’t done ITR filings. You’ll want to explain your situation well in a cover letter and maybe chat with a tax expert to see if you need to sort out any past returns. As for the Superannuation Statement/Provident Funds, if you haven’t opted for PF, provide what you can and explain the deal with your EPFO account in the cover letter.

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