Switching job with spouse's H4 and H4 EAD still pending

Hi @anil_am22 ,

I’m currently working for employer A (H1b expiring Jan '23) with I140 approved 6 months ago.
I applied for my spouse’s H4 EAD in April '22 which is still pending with USCIS.
I applied for H1B extension in the 1st week of August '22 (PP) got approved (for 3 years) within 2 weeks. Also, I applied for my spouse’s H4 extension(expiring Jan’23) and H4 EAD extension (alongwith my H1B) and they are pending.

  1. Now I’m trying to change my employer to employer B, will this affect my spouse’s current H4 extension and her two H4 EAD applications(filed in April and August)?

  2. My spouse’s H4 and EAD applications have been filed by an attorney provided by employer A.
    But employer B is not providing any such help from any attorney. How will it affect these pending applications if I switch to employer B?
    Do I need to be in contact with attorney provided by employer A even if I leave employer A?

  3. Is there anything called Change of Attorney for pending applications with USCIS, when one switches jobs? If that exists, how can I manage my situation as I will have no attorney with employer B?

  4. Can employer A withdraw my H1B ? Basically, in what situation can an employer withdraw an employee’s H1B?

Please respond to my query. I appreciate your help.

Thanks so much.