Taking a vacation before joining new job on h1b

When the H1B visa got transferred to a new employer, and before joining the new employer

  1. Is it allowed to take vacation within USA for 15 days?
  2. If it is allowed then how USCIS will consider the gap because there will not be payroll generated for the period?
  3. Based on your experience, is it recommended to take vacation before joining the new employer?

Yes, however while in-between leaving a job and joining new one, any time spent not being on a H1B payroll may be counted against the 60 days grace period. This should be fine as far as you dont exceed the 60 day period before joining the new employer.

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Should be okay, not to exceed 60 days of unemployment.

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Thank you for the reply. Once I join the new employer the grace period again reset to 60 days or it will be 45 days hereafter?

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