Tatkal application question

VFS website gives a list when one is not eligible to apply for tatkal.
The link is here

Below the list of Category of applicants are not eligible to apply under Tatkal Passport Scheme:

  • Lost/ Stolen Passport/ Damaged beyond recognition
  • Renewal of Short Validity Passport (SVP)
  • Change in Name
  • Change in Sex
  • Change of Appearance (Minors can apply)
  • Change/ Correction of Date of birth
  • Change/ Correction of Place of birth
  • Change in Signature (Minors can apply)
  • Change of Father/ Mother’s name

The change of appearance is one of the listed categories. I read am22tech’s passport renewal process article, and there it is mentioned that one should sign and print the change of appearance form if applying after 10 years.
My wife will be applying after 10 years, does that mean she cant apply in tatkal?
Also her passport has already expired. Can she still apply under tatkal?


Dont think this is an issue. I was able to do it.